HAPPY 2013!

Assalamualaikum, supportive blogger and reader!


How was your new year celebration?

Last night Kak Idi, my brother Faizal, and me went to Putrajaya Presint3 for New Year celebration sponsored by Ambank Group...

Ya Allah...there was not my favorite place to go, not the Putrajaya itself but all the concerts and environment make me feel so uncomfortable.

Yes, this is my first time to celebrate New Year indeed. Previously, my family and I just stay at home and watched tv...unlike yesterday, we're exposed to smokes from cigarette, cars, and motorcycle. So euwww...

No more next time...That's it =(

The time flies so fast, we couldn't make a u-turn to our past what we can do is to keep on moving forward and live in present. Enjoy every moment like it is our last...be a good slave of Allah SWT, good son/daughter to your parents, be happy...i mean the happiest person in this world.

Till then, Salam 2013