Penantian berakhir

Assalamualaikum, blogger and reader

I am Happy today!!! Horey

Rabbi yassir wala tu'assir...I can feel the excitement for my labwork session. I have to prepare something good today for tomorrow meeting and discussion with the supervisor. Insyallah, hope the outcome will be good and as expected.

Ya Allah...I have wasted almost a month looking for the chemicals to be used for my labwork. But finally, today I've had found it all...All of them! the most important part in my experiment is the catalyst. Ohhhh hello Stannous Octoate (Tin (II) ethylhexanoate) where have you been darling? You really make me feel so upset w/o you. Please be nice, don't be naughty coz we have long journey to go through together.

Till then, may I have smooth sailing...insyaallah

With Love, xoxo